Dr. Lehman

Dr. Richard Lehman grew up in Miami, Florida. He completed his training at Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania, and completed a sports medicine fellowship in 1986.

He was a part owner of the National Hockey League Florida Panthers and has been the team physician for the Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightening and St. Louis Blues. He has been a consulting physician for UCLA Track & Field and has covered four Olympic Games, as well as seven Track & Field World Championships.

Dr. Rick Lehman was inducted into the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame and the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2012 and was on the Board of Directors of the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Youth Foundation, the medical director of Webster Surgery Center and the medical director of the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine. He has served on the Board of Governors for the National Hockey League and is on the St. Louis Sports Commission. His practice encompasses taking care of professional athletes at all levels and all sports, as well as Division college athletes.

Dr. Lehman has revolutionized cartilage regeneration techniques working in conjunction with Biomet to further growth and reconstruction of articular cartilage. He has written and lectured extensively on the subject, and has written three books on tennis injuries. He has published extensively in orthopedic literature and sports medicine. He is licensed in Missouri and California. He actively takes care of Track & Field athletes from all over the world and professional athletes from North America.

Dr. Lehman approves Shoe Gummi

Shoe Gummi is the most innovative orthotic to relieve foot stress in high heeled shoes that I have seen in my 31 years of practice.

It unloads the forefoot and medically protects the foot and takes stress off ones back and hips.It also allows one to wear shoes for a longer period of time - safely.

Shoe Gummi medically protects your foot from over stress when wearing heels. No other medical device protects the foot as safely, and evens the pressure across the foot decreasing the stress on the back, hips, and knees. 

Shoe Gummi also neutralizes the center of gravity transferring stress posteriorly from the metatarsals to the mid foot. 

Dr. Lehman is a member of 10 medical associations