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Introducing Shoe Gummi

An innovation in design and high heel comfort. Meet the world's first outer-sole pad
and the only outer-sole proven to PREVENT foot discomfort caused by high heels.

Reduces pressure on the balls of the feet

Prolongs high heel wear

Stops feet from sliding forward

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Key Benefits : Increase Foot Circulation, helps with overlapping toes, pain relief from bunions, Stretch the ligaments in feet, realign toes to natural position. 



Key Benefits : Relieves pressure on the balls of the feet, Provides cushioning and shock absorption for prolonged high heel wear, Prevents feet from sliding forward, Enhances the fit of loose-fitting shoes


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Shoe Gummi Testimonials

Ladies, I’ve ordered six pairs, so far, and applied my first pair last night to a pair of heels that gave my feet tremendous pain. I left the house sashaying to dinner with friends and completely forgot all about my feet and the gummies. I was only focused on the great time I was having. I got home, took off my shoes and still no thought, until I realized later that I had applied them. My shoes were that comfortable!!! I urge every last one of you ladies to try a pair and join in on this movement...taking care of your feet now so that they can take care of you later! #FootHealth 👠❤️

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Jennifer-Lee Robinson

Hello my name is Nefetari. I just received my first pair of shoe gummi's. This is especially important for me because I have pins and needles in my right foot and have not been able to wear heels for years. I lost 20 plus pounds and not being able to wear heels really bothered me for the last 7 years because as a woman when you put on a dress with heels it just looks more feminine. The shoe gummi will help me in my next step to becoming the woman I want to be! I feel no pain in the ball of my feet nor my ankles, my pins and screws sit in between both places. I almost cried after I was able to walk in some pumps. Thank you so much Miss Jackson! You have a customer for life. Nefetari Mells 🥰❤

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I owned a few pair of shoes that I couldnt wear for an hour without my feet feeling like they were on FIRE. Now thanks to shoe gummi I can wear my heels in the office ALL day. Take advantage of the afterpay and keep you an extra pair on hand. You WONT regret it!


I wore a 30 minute pair of shoes for over three hours,  I only took them off because the party ended.  Thank you for your invention you saved the balls of my feet!