Attach our SHOE GUMMI pressure reducing outer-soles to your high heels and experience an instantaneous relief of pressure off the balls of your feet and ankles 

An innovation in design and high heel comfort. Meet the worlds first outer-sole pad. The only outer-sole pad proven to PREVENT foot discomfort caused by high heels.

- Reduces pressure on the balls of the feet 
- Prolongs high heel wear 
- Stops feet from sliding forward

Unlike shoe insoles, Shoe Gummi outer-soles 

- Won't crowd your toes 
- Are put discreetly at the bottom of a qualifying pair of high heels 
- Made of a sneaker like foam (which is water, heat, and wear resistant)  
- Designed for permanent placement.
- Wont harbor bacteria or odor.

Currently SHOE GUMMI Fits AMERICAN MADE High Heel sizes 6.5-9.5 & EUROPEAN MADE SIZES 39.5 - 42  (Give or take a size up or down) WATCH OUR INFORMATION & HOW TO VIDEO FOR MORE INFO

You can attach Shoe Gummi on high heels 2' to 5'in in height, with a round toe box. In some cases Shoe Gummi may fit a pointed shoe. (Were currently working on a pointed Shoe Gummi and a smaller and larger size)

NOT SURE ABOUT GUMMI SIZING? Visit our PRINT TO SIZE page to print out an actual size Gummi, cut it out and place it on the bottom on your heels for sizing. 

At this time Shoe Gummi is not ideal for every type of high heel but can still fit a wide range of high heel bottoms, so don't get discouraged.

SHOE GUMMI IS NOT DESIGNED FOR THE FOLLOWING HIGH HEELS. Dancer heels, wedges, heels with a terrain bottom, and heels with a thick platform. View SHOE GUMMI HOW TO VIDEO for visual. 

 *Shoe Gummi redistributes weight back to the heels. This reduces pressure on the balls of the feet, which also helps with the pressure and stability in the ankles, pain in the knees, lower back and makes high heels more comfortable.

NOTE.... Shoe Gummi outer-sole pads are intended for use on the bottom of high heeled shoes only. They are not intended to treat medical conditions of the feet, nor should they substitute for custom foot orthotics. Consult your podiatrist regarding your specific foot conditions and whether Shoe Gummi outer-sole pads are right for you. 

Once Shoe Gummi outer-sole pads have been installed with their permanent adhesive (so shifting doesn't occur) removing them to install on other shoes are not possible and may damage shoes. If you're not happy with the product please visit a shoe repair establishment for professional removal. Shoe Gummi LLC will not be held liable for shoe damage. Pads may not adhere to all shoe surfaces.

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