Tips & Tricks To Make Your Heels More Comfortable

There’s nothing enjoyable about pain and discomfort, especially while you’re trying to have a good time. When you get all dolled up for a girls night out or a hot date night, the last thing you want to deal with is uncomfortable footwear. Heels are a fashion staple when it comes to dressing up and feeling confident, but if they are not properly fitted they can wreak havoc on your feet in just a few minutes. Continue reading for 3 tips and tricks to make your heels more comfortable, so you never have to worry about ruining your night or your precious feet!

Make Sure The Arch Aligns With Your Foot

When you are shopping for heels, you typically gravitate towards the style, color, and aesthetic before noticing the comfortability of the shoe. The first thing you should consider after finding an attractive heel is the arch within the build. In order for high heels to feel comfortable and form-fitting, you need one that is constructed with a gradual incline. The more gradual the incline, the better your weight will be distributed resulting in less discomfort and pain.

The ball of your foot endures most of the weight while wearing high heels, so if you put the shoe on and immediately feel pain, it’s not the right one for you. You can identify the type of arch you have by trying on a variety of different heels to see which fits best, or you can analyze your wet footprint.

If your footprint shows your heel, the ball of your foot, and your toes, you have high arches. There will not be a visible footprint in between the ball of your foot and heel. This means your feet have a hard time absorbing impact and will most likely need extra cushioning and proper high arch support. If you have flat feet, and your footprint shows the entire foot, we recommend wearing a low or medium arch depending on the flexibility of your foot.

Tape Your Toes

While this may seem like a funny hack, it surely does work wonders! Taping your third and fourth toes can help keep them in the right place while wearing your high heels to prevent weight discomfort, chafing, rubbing, and blistering. Most of the pain associated with wearing heels stems from this area, so taping them together is supposed to relieve some of the pressure on the nerve between those two toes. You will be able to wear your heels for longer periods of time, and take on the day or night with more ease!

Try Shoe Gummies

Here at Shoe Gummies, we know what it’s like not wanting to compromise style for comfort. That’s why we created a line of products accessible to women around the world that finally provides a sense of relief and comfort when wearing their high heels. Our Shoe Gummies attach to the outer-sole of your high heels to provide pressure relief off the ankles and balls of your feet.

When you attach Shoe Gummies to the base of your heel, you can prolong high heel wear and prevent your feet from sliding forward while in motion. Perfectly designed to attach to high heels 2' to 5'in in height, with a round or square toe box. Shop Shoe Gummies now, and choose from one of our 3 sizing options to don your favorite pair of heels without discomfort!



3 tips & tricks

3 tips & tricks

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