4 Tips to Prevent Ball of Foot Pain From High Heels

4 Tips to Prevent Ball of Foot Pain From High Heels

Why do the heels we love the most seem to hate us in return? Unfortunately, wearing high heels has become synonymous with being uncomfortable. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re in heels all day for work, dancing the night away at a wedding, or simply walking home after a girls night out, we’ve all experienced some degree of discomfort while wearing our favorite pair of
pumps or sexy stilettos. While there are different causes for everyone, one major effect of high heel discomfort is that sharp shooting pain in the ball of the foot. The medical term for this is Metatarsalgia which is when the foot becomes painful and inflamed. If you want to avoid that burning sensation and discomfort, continue reading to learn more about what to look out for before purchasing high heels and how to prevent and relieve ball of foot pain.

So what is responsible for ball of foot pain anyway?

Simply put, wearing heels transfers extra weight to the front of your foot which leads to not only that sharp painful feeling we’ve all come to recognize, but can also cause harmful consequences like stress fractures, Morton’s Neuroma, arthritis, calluses, hammertoes, and bunions.

What adds to the problem?

●  Heels that are too small
●  Arches that are too high (if you have flat feet be weary of going too high and opt instead for a lower heel)
●  Being diabetic or overweight can cause the symptoms from extra pressure on the balls of your feet to develop faster.

Get ahead of the problem and follow our guide below to healthy happy feet in fabulous heels!

Symptoms to look out for

Pain caused by your high heels isn’t necessarily as recognizable as that sharp lighting sensation. The following symptoms are also signs that your feet are suffering and need care:

●  Numbness
●  Aching
●  Burning
●  The feeling that there’s a marble stuck in your shoe

So how can we take care of our feet without having to give up our beloved high heels? Rest assured, there are ways:

1. First, and it bears repeating: Find your true size!
Ladies, despite what we’ve been made to believe, Prince Charming is not running around trying to squeeze your foot into a size 5 glass slipper- so embrace your true size, go back to the store and find a pair that fits properly. It will change everything.
2. When you have worn your soles down- replace them. Help yourself and make sure you aren’t walking directly on the balls of your feet.
3. If your feet are aching, take care of them.
Relieve the swelling by applying cold pressure to the bottoms of your feet.
4. Help relieve the pressure and add a pair of Shoe Gummies to the bottom of your favorite heels. The outer-sole pad stops your feet from sliding forward and pushes them slightly back, which reduces the pressure from the balls of your feet and also helps with shock-absorption. Shoe Gummies are a true innovation in design and high heel comfort.This is the world’s first outer-sole pad to prevent discomfort caused by wearing high heels. Before a night out on the town, or a classy business meeting, you can attach Shoe Gummies to the sole of your heel to alleviate pressure on your joints for prolonged high heel wear.



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