Picking out your outfit each morning can be such a thrilling experience. Depending on where you are going, it’s important to make sure you are appropriately dressed for the occasion. Many of us stand in front of the mirror and do a full runway show just to make sure everything looks good before stepping out of the house. But, have you ever considered that maybe you’re not wearing the right shoe for your body type? When you are shopping for heels, you may automatically gravitate towards styles that resonate with your taste. But, that doesn’t always mean they compliment your figure. Continue reading to learn more about how to find the perfect high heel for
your unique body type:

An Inverted Triangle Body Type
For those who have wider shoulders, a broad chest, narrow hips, and thin legs, it’s a good idea to choose bright and colorful heels that shift the focus to your footwear. Think about celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, and Amanda Seyfried; They all have the inverted triangle body shape.
Whether you opt for bold hues or chunky heels, make sure that your footwear is the star of the show! Consider rocking eye-catching shoes like chunky heels, platforms, wedges, or ankle-strap shoes of any length or size. They will add some depth to your thin lower half.

Hourglass Body Type
Hourglass figures are one of the most ideal body types out there because they
accentuate a tiny waistline, but feature curvaceousness in the bust and booty regions. Those with an hourglass body type should shop for classic heels like pumps and kitten heels with medium height.
Pointed-toes or almond toe shoes with wide bottoms are great for hourglass-shaped women because they elongate the leg line and compliment your curves. It’s best to avoid oversized or clunky shoes, and reach for those neutral hues.

Pear Body Type
Pear-shaped body types are easily identified by their small busts, tiny waists, and
fuller midriff and booty areas. They also tend to have larger legs and wider ankles. The best style of heels to wear with this body type include open-toe wedges because they help to add length, and the chunky style balances out the curvier upper body. If you love boots, reach for knee high or thigh high boots that feature pointed toes. You can also find neutral-colored long, slender heels that compliment your legs. They will also detract attention from your thighs in the best way possible.

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