How to Survive the Holidays in High Heels

How to Survive the Holidays in High Heels

From office parties to family dinners, to that foot-popping kiss on New Years’ Eve, high heels during the holidays are inevitable! And though we want to end the year and start the next looking drop-dead-gorgeous from head to toe, we definitely want to avoid literally dropping from exhausted feet.

So, how can we avoid the horrible foot pains, exhaustion, and dare we go there… bunions?!  

We’ve pulled together a few ways to take care of your feet during this holiday season. Keep reading to find out more. 

Get a Pedicure

Start by treating yourself to a pedicure. Not only will a sparkly gold or bright red polish have you looking positively enchanting this holiday season but as the nail tech cleans your nails, files down those built-up calluses and offers a small massage it will increase your circulation, promote nail health, blood flow, and relaxation. Go ahead, indulge! 

Practice These Foot Stretches 

The second way to keep you on your toes is by giving yourself the real care you need: foot stretches.

Try sliding your fingers in between your toes, keeping the thumb on the outside of your big toe and squeezing your foot lightly for 30 seconds. Now pull your toes down slightly, hold for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat 10 times. This stretch not only helps prevent hammer toes and bunions but also relieves pressure and can intercept a stress fracture in the making. 

You can also sit back on your knees with a rolled towel on the floor under your feet. Gently push your hips back into your heels, hold for 30 seconds and repeat. This stretch will not only feel incredible but will also give you the poise of a ballerina, making it the perfect preparation for a holiday season filled with heels. 

Most importantly, when speaking of high heels and foot stretches is the FHL stretch: Place your big toe facing up against a door frame, allowing your other toes and the ball of your foot to be stretched out along the floor. Bend your knee forward and keep your foot flat against the floor. This stretches your FHL (Flexor Hallucis Longus) which is used when standing on pointed toes, such as when wearing heels. A great stretch to keep in your regular rotation. 

Take a Break

In between events, dinners and parties slip on your favorite fluffy slippers. Cute, comfortable and as an added winter bonus, keeps your toes toasty warm! Have a quiet night in with a cup of hot cocoa (add baileys generously), your warmest slippers, and settle into the couch for a marathon of all the classics: Elf, Home Alone, The Grinch.. Die Hard?! 

Try A Pair of Shoe Gummi Outer-Soles

Finally, speaking of your regular rotation, the best way to stay out all day and all night while wearing heels is to add a pair of Shoe Gummi outer-soles to the bottom of your heels. Shoe Gummi alleviates the pressure put on the balls of your feet allowing you to hop from party to party pain-free. 

Have a beautiful Holiday season, and the happiest of times celebrating!



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